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If I Come Back Feat. The Jokerr 

Rourky's returned with a comeback bigger than Batman himself and he's brought the Jokerr with him! 

After a year long break from music, Rourky has crashed back into the scene with a hard hitting signle featuring American Artist The Jokerr!  Gaining attention from all sides of the globe, Rourky's been interviewed here by Yo! Raps on his return and his future plan for music videos! 


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Puzzled 4 - The Album! PRE ORDER NOW! 

Order Puzzled 4 on Itunes now for a limited price of just 6.99! 

Puzzled 4 is Rourky's 2nd self-debut album released via TigerBloodMuzik Entertainment LTD. Available from Itunes on Pre-Order from Sept 13th and on all major stores and streaming from October 5th! 

Limited Edtion CDs featuring surprise bonus tracks will be available soon and available to purchase from the site directly for £5.99! (UK and US delivery only)

Rawr Muzik Magazine Review : 13 hard spitting and emotional lyrical tracks that are sure to keep you hitting replay!

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