The Journey


Name:  Nathan O'Rourke
BOD: 1/9/92
Hometown: Birmingham 
Label affiliations: TSMG/Kxng Shxt/ TigerBloodMuzik Ent LTD

I grew up listening to all sorts of music but the genre of Rap/Hip Hop music influenced me in a major way! I started writing lyrics when I was about 13 years old, but because I didn’t know how to write my own I started off by re-writing some of the more famous rappers lyrics. As time wore on I started writing my own lyrics in my bedroom and practicing them, more and more I wrote and practiced the more I saw myself progressing both lyrically and personally. 

At the time the Birmingham music scene was influenced mainly by ‘Grime’ music and I found myself surrounded by a lot of my friends who were Grime MC’s/artists, I started taking part in the Grime scene early 2007 but around 2009-2010 decided that it wasn’t my sound, My heart was in Rap/Hip Hop and I decided that I wanted to see what I could do with my sound in that genre and see how I could stand out from the rest. 

I started writing Rap/Hip Hop again and by that time I had my own recording studio which I started recording and mixing down my own tracks to create more original music. 

I have progressed in the Birmingham Hip Hop scene dramatically over the years and by working with some of the biggest names from Birmingham and by working with artists around the world. I have grown a bigger fan base and attracted more attention to my music over the past couple of years which hopefully will carry on growing. I run a local  team of artists/Independant Label TSMG (Talented Sounds Music Group) which consists of 3 artists (Jessikkah, Rondz P Loco & Myself) a group of which you will hear more music from as we progress. 


Rourky joined TigerBloodMuzik entertainment in summer 2013 to release his first commercial single 'Sweet Memories'.
In 2014 he took his music a step further and continued his collection of 'Puzzled' music. The first two of the collection were available as free mixtapes, the second two have gone on to reach a whole new level making it into CD form on into all major digital store for sale as independent self-debut albums. 

Puzzled 3 was released in stores on September 1st 2014.
Puzzled 4 is available on all digital stores from October 5th 2017.